Guided Autobiography --This website gives background about Guided Autobiography and links to other Guided Autobiography instructors and more information about this program which is now worldwide.

Articles about Memory and Aging
Oliver Sachs: "Speak Memory"

Adam Gopnick: "On remembering the Beatles"

Video on metaphor by Jane Hirshfeld


Telling the Stories of Life through Guided Autobiography Groups by J.E. Birren & K. Cochran, Johns Hopkins University Press (2001). James Birren founded the discipline of gerontology in the 1940s. His work is very practical and far reaching, convincing people that their life stories are valuable and telling them is an important and pleasurable task.

Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story by Richard Campbell and Cheryl Svensson, Writer's Digest, (2015)—for individuals tackling the autobiography. Themes are filled out with lots of good ideas, prompts and guidelines.

Where to Go From Here by J. E. Birren & L. Feldman, Simon and Schuster (1997).

The House as a Mirror of Self  by Clare Cooper Marcus—a Jungian perspective of the environments in which we live. How our living space and objects reflects us and can help us to feel satisfied or uneasy. Marcus includes personal stories of people and their homes/rooms/surroundings.

The Creative Age by Gene Cohen—In this fascinating, life-affirming book, Dr. Gene Cohen debunks harmful myths about aging and illuminates the biological and emotional foundations of creativity. He shows how the unique combination of age, experience, and creativity can produce exciting inner growth and infinite potential for everyone. Interweaving history, scientific research, inspiring true-life stories, and his own fresh insights.

Legacies of the Heart by Meg Newhouse,, EBookBakery (2016)—a new understanding of legacy which includes those patterns and objects we inherit, those we can change and those we want to pass on. Very personal stories from Meg’s own life and the lives of those she has taught in her courses on legacy.

The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters by Emily Esfani Smith