About Guided Autobiography Workshops

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What do we do in the class?

The group focuses on the value and power of reminiscence, stirring memories by writing about them. We see the threads of our lives as they weave through our stories. We learn to accept our experiences as unique and valuable, as much as we share themes with others.

We talk about our families, our school experiences, our friendships, our losses. We write on a topic between group meetings and read two pages during each class. Everyone has the same amount of time to read and discuss. We look for the power and energy in your writing and help you develop those qualities.

How Can Guided Autobiography Help You?

Guided Autobiography gives you goals and structure for your writing and a community of others who support you--listening to your story and sharing their own. The group supports and encourages you as you bring your stories to the written page.

A video by Lisa Smith-Youngs, OLLI at UC Davis about the life-giving impact of Guided Autobiography on the lives of those in her class.